About Us

The Wemyss Family

Wemyss Group is a proud subsidiary of the Wemyss Development Company, one of the oldest registered companies in the UK.

Our parent company has a diverse portfolio with operations and investments throughout the UK, Europe, Africa and Australia across a wide range of sectors. As an integral part of this family of companies, Wemyss Group is supported by the expertise and strong financial backing of such an established organisation with centuries of experience.

Our History

The Wemyss Development Company began in the 15th century with the development of coal mines on family lands in Fife, Scotland. The family went on to build villages and infrastructure to grow the business, and over the centuries that followed, have developed a broad portfolio of companies ranging from fine wines and spirits, to property development, renewable energy, tea and agricultural operations across the globe.

Our heritage has given us first-hand, proven experience in establishing and growing companies in a variety of industries, and we are currently looking to expand our current interests here in Western Australia.

Our Involvement in WA

Wemyss Group has been part of the Western Australian community for over 60 years, beginning with agricultural interests in the Great Southern, and expanding into horticulture around 25 years ago. In partnership with local growers, we have grown a small winery into one of the largest avocado growers in WA, and developed one of the largest avocado packaging and marketing companies in Australia.

We believe in the potential of the economy here in WA, and with our longstanding history combined with our experienced board and established local and national networks, we are committed to partnering with companies to achieve growth through strategic investment.

The Wemyss Group

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