Wemyss Group in Western Australia

Partnering with WA companies to achieve real growth.

Fonty’s Pool – Avocado Farm

In the 1990s, Wemyss acquired a winery in Manjimup with a view to repurposing the land, and trialled a number of potential businesses with local employees for several years, before establishing that avocados would be the best use of the land. In partnership with a local family, Wemyss has developed Fonty’s Pool into one of the largest avocado orchards in the South West, supplying Australia with high-quality avocados through local marketing and packing company; APMS. This has provided our local partners and growers with the opportunity to be part of a thriving business, along with creating permanent jobs for locals and employment for regular seasonal workers every year to assist with managing the orchards.

Advance Packing & Marketing Services (APMS)

APMS provide professional fresh produce services to the complete supply chain and specialise in avocados.

APMS was established in 2007 to package and distribute locally grown avocados to the Australian market. In 2015, Wemyss partnered with and invested growth capital into APMS and since then has been actively engaged with management and shareholders to assist in growing the company. Over the years, the company has invested heavily in growing capacity, upgrading key infrastructure and is now one of the largest distributors into the Australian market, and the largest exporter of Australian avocados with its sights set on further growth.

Eriwin – Broadacre Agriculture

Wemyss acquired a number of part-cleared farms in the Great Southern in the early 1960s, clearing the remaining land and preparing the ground for agriculture. The company has owned and farmed at Eriwin ever since, with in-house farm managers who have developed a cropping and sheep programme which has helped them stay up-to-date as the industry develops. Wemyss has continued to make strategic investments, building up the infrastructure along with the stock on the farm.

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