Uncovering growth potential

Our history in Western Australia has proven that businesses here have the potential to grow and become serious contenders in their industry, so we are committed to increasing our investment in WA. Wemyss Group is looking to invest in and partner with companies which have demonstrable growth potential, where we can offer real value and create long term success. We are interested in creating meaningful partnerships with businesses committed to putting in the time and effort to really work with us and achieve significant, sustainable growth.

What can Wemyss offer?

We are in a unique position to provide much more than just the capital needed by the businesses we partner with, we also bring centuries of business experience and knowledge to provide invaluable guidance and support throughout our partnership.

Wemyss Group has a proven ability to take companies to the next level of growth by creating a genuine partnership where the knowledge and skill of the business owner is respected and supported by our extensive networks, expert guidance and transferable skills across a number of industries.

How do we do this?

Wemyss takes the time to understand you and your business, your strategy and objectives. Working with business owners we can develop an understanding of your needs and goals, then strategise how we can best tap into your growth potential.

Once we have identified the right growth strategy for your company, we can begin our partnership. Our involvement might include; bringing in the right people if needed, providing strategic guidance, sourcing and funding any necessary materials or equipment, and helping you work on the areas where you can be more competitive. You also benefit from access to our inhouse accounts team, corporate tax advisors, and board of directors with extensive experience across multiple industries and sectors.

In short, Wemyss Group will provide financial backing along with supporting you to find the best people, skills and expertise for the right areas to create growth. Growth doesn’t happen overnight – we are interested in making sound investments in companies with long-term goals for sustainable success.

To express your interest in partnering with Wemyss Group to grow your company, please submit your information below and we will be in touch.
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